Mini Baccarat Strategy

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Mini Baccarat is a simple enough game in the sense players just have to make a straightforward bet and wait for the outcome. This is a perfect casino game for beginners, who do not want to see their bankroll drift up and down all the time. Mini Baccarat is a stable game, with no much action and stress and novices shall take into consideration the advice underneath if they want to strike it rich, make big money.

Low Limits and minor bets

As a Baccarat neophyte, you probably do not want to lose all your money. Baccarat is traditionally a game that was exclusive to big bucks and tables are generally large-sized. Quite the reverse, Mini-Baccarat offers lower bets and no more than nine-seat tables. If these two games’ rules are identical, the financial opportunity they present is totally different. As a beginner, you shall always check the payments table which is useful in the sense that it shows the current limits. Then, you shall be wise to play for 5€ or less per round. You might accept to bet 10€ if this is the lowest accepted bet. But remember that you shall never bet more that these amounts unless you want to leave the table sooner than you expected.

Two hands: Player and Banker

In Mini Baccarat, the player can bet on two distinctive hands, either the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand. In each round, both will start with two cards. Sometimes, a third card will be given to them. Idea is that the highest total wins. The player has to make a decision between the Player’s hand and the Banker’s hand, but this is not so obvious to predict which of the two will be the winning hand. Therefore, player shall always bet anything at the lowest limit because the game is random. On average, player wins slightly less often than he loses and both the player and the banker pay 1 to 1. The house deducting a 5% commission, player cannot plainly dominate the game. This is the reason why he will always respect the lowest limit and never bet on a tie as it does not pay enough in many situations.

Avoid betting on a tie

Though tie pays 8 to 1, it gives the house a tremendous edge! Player shall always stick to either the Player’s hand or the Bank’s hand. Considering the fact that the dealer will always pay 1 to 1 on a win, you should move from on to the other time to time but never bet on a tie. Underneath is presented a chart showing the different chances of earning profits before busting. Chances are calculated from various 10€ bets that are evenly distributed between the player and the banker.

Bankroll Chance ofsurvivingfor 3 hours Chance ofwinning 50€before busting Chance ofwinning 100€before busting

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